Wednesday, October 26, 2011

How to scan Facebook for fraudulent links and users

Facebook undoubtedly is the most popular social networking site out there! Skeptics could argue about popularity of other sites. Anyways, over the past we all have started to see those fraudulent links on Facebook. 'Oh how could she do that in public', 'he must be insane to do this', etc. are the taglines they try to use to tempt users into clicking them. But little do we realize that the motive behind it could be installing a malware on your computer, spamming your wall with ads, posting obscene messages on your friend's walls, infecting timelines, messages and even chats!

Norton (very popular anti-virus software provider) has a web-application called Norton Safe Web for Facebook which assists in fighting these threats on Facebook. Like all other Facebook apps, it will ask your approval to install. Click on 'Allow'.

On the subsequent screen it will ask for additional permissions to access your posts, timelines etc to scan them for any infections.

One it has scanned your profile it will show the results as below. It may take some time depending upon how active you are on Facebook and how much work it has to do to search all your posts, timelines etc.

You also have the option on enabling auto scan so that you don't have to run the scan frequently. It is a free application.

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