Tuesday, October 25, 2011

How to export from various Google products in one click ?

So you have a Google account (who in this world doesn't ?); have used quite a few of their products like Picasa web albums, +1s, Google Buzz (which is going away soon), Google Voice, Contacts, etc. and want to export everything easily in one click ???
Google Takeout is the answer !!! This web application allows you to take all your Google data out in a portable manner. The exports are easy to open in tools which are found in almost all PCs. For example contacts are exported in .vcf files which can then be imported in other address books. But something like an export of all Buzz updates proved to be quite useless. Not sure what people would do exporting all that junk :)

Looks like there is some kind of a war going on between Facebook and Google to prove who is better is providing 'data portability' to all their users.

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